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Why Choose Lifestyle Screens?

Every homeowner wants to maximize the available space in their home. This is a known fact. What better way to maximize a mostly under utilized space such as a garage than by converting it into an extra work or living space? The most economical approach is to use Lifestyle Screens. Have you ever dreamed of having a mancave for yourself but there is no other space to have it other than the garage? Can’t work with your tools in the living room? Want to have an additional play area for your kids? If converting your garage is not an option because we all know that remodeling can cost you up to thousands of dollars, the best solution is to install Lifestyle Screens in your home.

What are Lifestyle Screens?

In the past, when people want to make use of the garage they either just open the door for ventilation or keep it closed entirely and feel closed off. Not anymore, the Lifestyle Screen is a revolutionary idea from Garage Doors LLC. It is a fully retractable garage screen door that works perfectly with your current garage door. The Lifestyle Screen offers an industry leading fully retractable passage door for easy entry and exit without the necessity of having to retract the entire system. The product is fully spring loaded and therefore makes opening and closing it a total breeze.

With a Lifestyle Screen you can now enjoy your garage without being bothered by pests. When you are finished enjoying your garage, all you need to do is retract it and the Lifestyle Screen system will close and then just simply close your garage door as usual. It is this fun and simple to us.


There are a number of different products available in the market today but none can rival the utility and durability of the Lifestyle Screen system. The doorframes are made out of a 2” x 2” architectural grade aluminum with a baked on finish. The Lifestyle Screen is operated on a maintenance-free track system which is quite independent but similar to your primary garage door tracks. It is fully spring loaded and features a counterbalanced system that allows raising and lowering it virtually effort free.

There is also an optional door-within-a-door feature that lets you enter and exit with ease. When you use the Lifestyle Screen it lets you use the same position as that of your current garage door. There is no other system available on the market today that has the same range of benefits and features.

Save Money Using a Lifestyle Screen

We all know that in order to convert your garage or remodel it you will have to spend several thousand dollars. You will have to remove all your stuff and your car will be exposed to the elements. You also have to deal with workmen and contractors. Not to mention the time factor to complete the project. When you select a Lifestyle Screen for your garage you rid yourself of the exorbitant cost of and headache of a garage remodel. Lifestyle Screen is a relatively inexpensive investment compared to a full remodel. On top of that, you do not have to wait weeks or months to have it done as it can be installed in no time at all.

Insect Free

One of the drawbacks of having a living space in the garage is having to contend with pests. Imagine you are playing pool with your friend in the summer when you have to open your garage to let the breeze in only to get bitten by pesky mosquitoes. What a bummer. If you install a Lifestyle Screen you are essentially ridding yourself of that insect problem. You can enjoy the evening breeze with your friends while you play pool in your garage minus the bite marks from pesky bugs.

Complements Your Home’s Exteriors

If you think that having a Lifestyle Screen means that you have to sacrifice the exterior home design in order to achieve some comfort? The answer is no. Opening the garage door so you can have a nice night of entertainment need not result in an unattractive exterior. Lifestyle Screens can fit seamlessly within your garage doorframe and you have the option of selecting a number of different styles and colors. There is definitely a Lifestyle Screen to complement to beauty of your home’s exterior.

Lifestyle Screen is the best thing that happened since the invention of the garage door. The system can work seamlessly with virtually any garage door model out there. It complements you home and lets you utilize space that you thought you would only be able to use if you spend several thousand dollars. It is a cost effective solution that allows you enjoy your space instantly.