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Making More Use Out Of Your Garage With Lifestyle Screens


The garage is a space in your home that acts as a repository area for your vehicles. However, it is really more than just that. People with limited space and even those that have ample areas can make more use out of their garage. If you are one of those people thinking of making your garage an area where you can relax and even entertain friends, you do not want the feeling of being trapped. A closed garage area is not very conducive for entertaining friends as it feels almost claustrophobic. So why not open it? Sure you can but when evening comes all your guests should have insect repellent on before the mosquitoes and other bugs begin ruining your party. The solution is lifestyle screens

Maximizing Space

Without a doubt, many homeowners would like to maximize their available space. The garage is one area of the home that is often under utilized and therefore is a good candidate for an extra living area. Lifestyle screens work the same way as a door screen for your front door. It gives you the chance to use your garage as an extra living space without feeling cramped or exposed to bugs. This is the best solution that can provide you a quick living area without having to shell out a huge investment.

What are the Benefits of having a Lifestyle Screen?

Save Money

If you have a limited budget, remodeling the garage is definitely out of the question. We all know that remodeling or even retrofitting your garage can run you up thousands of dollars. There is also the headache of having to deal with contractors, not being able to use your garage and the time needed to complete such a project. If you do not want the inconvenience and cost of renovating your garage, the best solution is to get Lifestyle Screen. It is cost-effective, easy to install and looks great too.

Say Goodbye to Pests

Imagine yourself having a few rounds of beers and enjoying the game with your buddies in the garage when all of a sudden insects and other pests begin buzzing around and ruining the party. With a Lifestyle Screen in place you no longer have to worry about any of that. The screen acts to protect you from invading insects while at the same time provide the necessary ventilation needed . Without bugs bothering your mancave, you can enjoy the evening with your friends in relative comfort and convenience.

Looks Great

You might think that just because there are screens to keep out insects, the look of a Lifestyle Screen may be bland. The truth is there are many design options to choose from so you can select a Lifestyle Screen that can best complement your home’s exteriors.

If you are anxious about a Lifestyle Screen possibly interfering with the functionality of your garage door, it won’t. The screen features a sturdy and durable frame pattern. They not only will give you years of service but they are also absolutely safe. There is a spring-loaded counterbalance style system, which makes them quite simple to operate. This takes away the headache and utility cost associated with an electric opener. The screen also comes with an optional door-within-a-door feature. This gives you the convenience of easy entry and exit to and from your garage. When the screen is down it takes up the usual space and positioning as your garage door. There is no other brand out there that provides these amazing features than Lifestyle Screen. When you have one installed you won’t be looking for anything else as these fit all your needs and then some.

Great Investment

Come to think of it there are really no downsides when it comes to Lifestyle Screen. There is no cost to maintain it. The screen is manufactured from high quality materials and is quite durable. It is excellent to own one of these especially if you have kids and pets. The screens are so durable that you might need more than an ax to do serious damage to it. However, it might not be too wise to have a go at that. To sum it up, the Lifestyle Screen is a superb garage door improvement investment. Keep in mind that it is not designed to replace your existing garage door. However, it will work with almost any kind of garage door out there. If you want to recover space in your garage whether for work or play, a Lifestyle Screen system is the best alternative to having your garage remodeled. Try it out today and you will definitely enjoy it.