Garage Door Repair: Adjusting the Track

The garage door track is one part of your garage door that you do not want to fail. When the track is out of adjustment it can cause the garage door to not operate properly. In some extreme scenarios it is possible that the door can even come out of the track worsening your problems. There are a couple of ways by which you can align the track with the door itself so that the rollers will work correctly. First is to align the track with the door itself and second is adjusting the track so that the door becomes aligned with the weatherstripping.

Adjusting Garage Door Track to the Rollers

In this approach the garage door track is connected to the doorframe using metal clips. The track serves as a guide for the garage door rollers. Adjusting a garage door track may involve setting the track to its correct alignment for the rollers. The clips feature slots in them that allow for side-to-side adjustment. The rule to follow is to have about ½” to ¾” between the edge of the door and the track. This allows for some room for the rollers to move in and out of the sleeves. If the track is too close to the door, the door will bind. If it is too far off, the rollers could pull out of the sleeves.

Safety First

When adjusting the garage door track, the door should be down. It is advisable to only loosen the track one at a time and never remove the lag bolts altogether. Only loosen the lag bolts that hold the track to the jamb and slide the bracket until the distance is right. It is possible to loosen more than one of the clips. Get the track where you need it and tighten the clips back down. Just make sure the lag bolts connected to the clips of the framing are tight enough. By adjusting the garage door track margins it can keep the track correctly aligned with the door itself. When it is lying on the ground the door determines where the tracks should be. You need the tracks to be parallel with the door and feature the same margin for the true height of the garage door.

You need to know that adjustments to the margins along the side of the door can be compared to adjusting it in and out. The brackets are clipped to the jamb with lag bolts. The hole in the bracket is also likewise slotted. This makes it possible for the bracket to move from side to side the length of the slot. A wrench is required to loosen the lag bolt. Once the lag bolt is loose you can adjust the bracket to the correct position. It may require the loosening of two brackets at a time if they are binding.

Proceed to adjust the brackets on both sides of the door until you have achieved stable garage door track margins. The ideal scenario is you would be able to appreciate around ½” to ¾” of the shaft.

Overhead Track Adjustment

In this section of the garage door there is only one adjustment point to consider. The overhead track needs to be the same distance away from the door as the wall track. Do not attempt to adjust the track with the door up. The brackets that hold up the track feature slots and additional holes in them. In this case, the end of the track will require to be moved so as to be adjusted.

Start by loosening the bolts or remove them entirely if a new hole needs to be used. Move the end of the track closer or farther from the door as required. Try not to move it very far each instance. If the track is too far off from the door, the door can fall. On the other hand, if it is too close the door will bind. The solution is to move the end of the track the minimum space necessary away from the door. Tighten the bolts as needed and cautiously try the door. For safety reasons, do not stand underneath it and watch carefully for binding or pulling away of the rollers.

Adjusting the overhead garage door track is akin to adjusting the tracks along the sides of the door. The only difference is that the track only has one place where you can adjust it. As long as the overhead garage door track is not damaged or bent, expect this to work fine.

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Why Choose Lifestyle Screens?

Every homeowner wants to maximize the available space in their home. This is a known fact. What better way to maximize a mostly under utilized space such as a garage than by converting it into an extra work or living space? The most economical approach is to use Lifestyle Screens. Have you ever dreamed of having a mancave for yourself but there is no other space to have it other than the garage? Can’t work with your tools in the living room? Want to have an additional play area for your kids? If converting your garage is not an option because we all know that remodeling can cost you up to thousands of dollars, the best solution is to install Lifestyle Screens in your home.

What are Lifestyle Screens?

In the past, when people want to make use of the garage they either just open the door for ventilation or keep it closed entirely and feel closed off. Not anymore, the Lifestyle Screen is a revolutionary idea from Garage Doors LLC. It is a fully retractable garage screen door that works perfectly with your current garage door. The Lifestyle Screen offers an industry leading fully retractable passage door for easy entry and exit without the necessity of having to retract the entire system. The product is fully spring loaded and therefore makes opening and closing it a total breeze.

With a Lifestyle Screen you can now enjoy your garage without being bothered by pests. When you are finished enjoying your garage, all you need to do is retract it and the Lifestyle Screen system will close and then just simply close your garage door as usual. It is this fun and simple to us.


There are a number of different products available in the market today but none can rival the utility and durability of the Lifestyle Screen system. The doorframes are made out of a 2” x 2” architectural grade aluminum with a baked on finish. The Lifestyle Screen is operated on a maintenance-free track system which is quite independent but similar to your primary garage door tracks. It is fully spring loaded and features a counterbalanced system that allows raising and lowering it virtually effort free.

There is also an optional door-within-a-door feature that lets you enter and exit with ease. When you use the Lifestyle Screen it lets you use the same position as that of your current garage door. There is no other system available on the market today that has the same range of benefits and features.

Save Money Using a Lifestyle Screen

We all know that in order to convert your garage or remodel it you will have to spend several thousand dollars. You will have to remove all your stuff and your car will be exposed to the elements. You also have to deal with workmen and contractors. Not to mention the time factor to complete the project. When you select a Lifestyle Screen for your garage you rid yourself of the exorbitant cost of and headache of a garage remodel. Lifestyle Screen is a relatively inexpensive investment compared to a full remodel. On top of that, you do not have to wait weeks or months to have it done as it can be installed in no time at all.

Insect Free

One of the drawbacks of having a living space in the garage is having to contend with pests. Imagine you are playing pool with your friend in the summer when you have to open your garage to let the breeze in only to get bitten by pesky mosquitoes. What a bummer. If you install a Lifestyle Screen you are essentially ridding yourself of that insect problem. You can enjoy the evening breeze with your friends while you play pool in your garage minus the bite marks from pesky bugs.

Complements Your Home’s Exteriors

If you think that having a Lifestyle Screen means that you have to sacrifice the exterior home design in order to achieve some comfort? The answer is no. Opening the garage door so you can have a nice night of entertainment need not result in an unattractive exterior. Lifestyle Screens can fit seamlessly within your garage doorframe and you have the option of selecting a number of different styles and colors. There is definitely a Lifestyle Screen to complement to beauty of your home’s exterior.

Lifestyle Screen is the best thing that happened since the invention of the garage door. The system can work seamlessly with virtually any garage door model out there. It complements you home and lets you utilize space that you thought you would only be able to use if you spend several thousand dollars. It is a cost effective solution that allows you enjoy your space instantly.

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When You Should Replace Your Garage Door Springs

When it comes to garage door repair, the springs almost always involve total replacement. The reason for this is that garage door springs normally can do what they are made to do until the point they fail completely. The springs are a normal part of the garage door itself, not the opener. They function to raise and lower the door. They are designed to last a very long time but wear and tear can take its toll to weaken the metal eventually leading to a break.

How To Determine If The Spring Is The Issue

Many people do not realize that their garage door spring has already broken until they attempt to lift the door or if and when they notice that the automatic door opener is creating more than the usual noise or it just is not working properly. A typical garage door weighs several hundred pounds, and if just one of the springs gives way, the door will instantly feel as heavy as a truck. Springs normally break when they are completely loaded, stretched and twisted under tension. The sound of a spring breaking is similar to that of a loud gunshot.

Safety First

If you happen to be at home at a time when you suspect that the garage door spring has given way, never try to disconnect the opener from the door while it is open. If you do so, it is possible that the entire door will come crashing down under its full weight. Without a doubt, this is a very dangerous situation. It is not safe to leave the door open when a spring is broken due to the fact that someone might try to close the door without them knowing ho incredibly heavy it is. Or worse, they might attempt to pull the emergency release handle on the opener.

If you intend to leave the door open until such time that repairs can be made, block the door track on both sides so the door cannot move and then proceed to unplug the garage door opener. If you intend to close the door then you can try closing it with the opener but make sure there is nothing directly beneath it. An alternative would be to get the assistance of several strong buddies to hold the door while you proceed to disconnect it from the opener and carefully close the door manually.

Kinds Of Garage Door Springs

Residential garage doors typically have either one of two kinds of springs: torsion and extension. The former are typically heavy-duty springs that are mounted to a metal rod that runs parallel to the door, directly above the door opening. These springs are loaded, or tensioned, with a twisting motion. When the door is closed, the cables connected to the bottom corners of the door pull on pulleys attached to the ends of the metal rod springs are mounted on. The pulleys turn the rod, which twists the springs and establishes tension. When the door is opened, the springs then unwind and assist in lifting the door.

The latter are long, lightweight springs that run vertical to the door and are mounted above the horizontal portions of the door tracks. The tension is achieved by stretching them out, using cables and pulleys, as with the torsion system. Due to the extension springs being suspended between two brackets, they need to have a safety cable running through each spring. This helps stabilize the spring in case it gives way. Minus the safety cable, a spring snapping under tension is a serious safety concern.

Have the Pros Handle It

When it comes to garage door springs, the only sure recommendation for repairing them is to leave the work to professional garage door technicians. Sure you might find some YouTube videos on how to repair them or you might think that you’re pretty handy around the house but for safety reasons it is best to have the pros handle this particular problem with your garage door. Keep in mind, in order to remove a torsion spring you need to have to control the tension by holding the spring with a solid metal winding bar, then you loosen it from the road and manually unwind the spring with two winding rods. Springs are really dangerous until they have been fully unwound. Working with them is inherently hazardous and therefore extra precautionary measures to prevent injury should be instituted. Best let a professional garage door repair company do the dangerous work for you.

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