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Why You Should Choose A Steel Garage Door For Your Home

If safety and security ranks high on your priority list, a steel garage door would be the perfect choice for your home. Don’t let the steel part make you think that it is all drab and dull. Aside from the obvious protection it affords your home, here are some important reasons to consider this garage door type for your home or commercial establishment.

Great Value for Money

Just because it is made of steel and is heavy does it mean it can be quite expensive to install? On the contrary, the initial cost of purchase and installation of a new steel door is less compared to a conventional wooden door. Without a doubt, steel offers the ultimate protection and will last longer than any other material whether it is synthetic or natural. It also requires lesser maintenance and continues to look good too. A modern galvanized steel door is impervious to rot and rust.

Security and Safety

There is absolutely no question regarding the sturdiness of steel garage doors. They can resist attacks and abuse better than other materials. For instance, a thief might look for weaknesses that are usually seen in wood, fiberglass and some composite material type doors but chances are he won’t find any in a steel door. Moreover, steel doors won’t cause an additional problem if ever there is a fire. It can provide you with a good and safe escape route, if other exterior doors are already burning.

Looks Fabulous

What is great about steel doors is the fact that the panels can be easily molded and stamped into different designs. They can be installed with a window panel if you so choose of virtually any style. The metal panels may be finished in order to produce different textures. The paint can adhere to both the style of the door and texture, resulting to a beautiful door that will increase curb appeal and therefore the value of the home. The fact that the door will require less maintenance, you save on these costs and its luster will last longer.

Energy Efficient

Steel garage doors come with very good insulation. They are built in a sandwich-type or multi-layer design so you have the freedom to select the insulation value you need based on your location. Doors of lower quality can make a garage door become too hot during the summer or too cold in the wintertime. If that is the case, you will have to spend more on a furnace or turn the airconditioning on more. Not in the case of steel garage doors. These can help lower your utility costs.

Low Maintenance

If you have owned a garage door before then you know that they tend to breakdown at the most inopportune time. One of the many misconceptions about steel doors is that for all their strength, they are comparatively lightweight. So what happens is that the opening mechanism is not subjected to a lot of stress and therefore performs without failure.

When it comes to steel doors you achieve unbridled security, beauty and better energy efficiency with lesser maintenance costs. Talk to your garage door repair specialist today to know more about your options for steel garage doors.

Vickie Hunt

Vickie Hunt

I am the head writer for the site The Garage Door Services Company. We provide you information on garage door installation, garage door repairs, and garage door safety features. I also offer advice on finding the best local garage door technician to help install that new garage door or do any garage door repairs you need like broken springs or installing a new opener.