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Keep Pets Inside

There has been a rising trend that is very disturbing to us. We want to address is and remind you to keep your pets inside. The unfortunate trend is that people are stealing pets more and more frequently. They know that people are incredibly connected to their pets and will generally offer a lot in reward money to get them back no questions asked. They also know that some breeds are very expensive so they will target those breed specifically.

So, what can you do to try and keep your pets safe? The most important thing is to keep your pets inside whenever possible. Don’t let them play around in the garage, this is the easiest place for someone to kidnap them from. If you let your do out in the backyard make sure it is securely fenced, that the dog can’t easily get out, and that no one can easily get in. We know how important your pets are and how much they feel like a part of your family and that is why we feel it is important to remind you that you should do what you can to keep them safe.

If you have to let your dog in the garage please make sure that your garage door is working right and securing properly when it closes so you can ensure your dogs safety.

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